How Do I Protect My Bitcoins?

How Do I Secure My Bitcoins

Bitcoins have long been recognized as the digital money of the Internet by most Internet users and site operators. The transaction with bitcoins is determined by a complicated security. This may be compared with all the online banking. But, bitcoins are saved in the Bitcoin wallet on their own computer. Thus this computer becomes a part of their security-relevant requirements along with the Bitcoin Geldbörse has to be actively integrated into the backup.

Thus, the Bitcoin Wallet Has to Be protected against unauthorized access In contrast to the traditional currencies one can – provided that they aren’t traded – but hard to bring into the lender and so move the security responsibility to them. As with all typical currencies, there are always people who attempt to accommodate to this foreign land.


So you must safeguard your Bitcoin Wallet. As a result, the arrangement of Bitcoin transactions is indeed intricate. Since each private key may be used just once for every transaction, the Bitcoin Wallet is equipped with 100 keys.

If an unauthorized person receives all the information, including the keys contained in the Bitcoin wallet file, he could steal all of the money. So the Bitcoin-Wallets also have to be encrypted accordingly. It ought not to be underestimated that with increasing computer performance, multi-digit encryption could be calculated relatively quickly.


It is thus required to guarantee the wallet very pricey. 15 to 20 areas should possess these passwords. Nevertheless, the digital thieves that wish to get their own Bitcoin wallet, clearly, deal extensively with password protection. The usage of single letters, derived from expressions that are known like words or the like, represents a considerable risk. Information from one’s own personal environment anyhow. The security to be considered goes so much that a pc which was once compromised by viruses or Trojans may not be considered secure again until the entire operating system was re-played.

Don’t forget your passwords!


To clean a hard drive just from Trojaner is completely unsatisfactory. It is thus also advisable to keep the Bitcoin Wallet outside the PC, ie on special memory or flash card memories, All these high-security systems, but in addition to the password encryption of this Bitcoin pocket itself, possess a considerable disadvantage: the password, the encryption, is forgotten, there is no more accessibility. In the event of many quite protected memories, the information contained is automatically deleted, even if a few incorrect entries are created.



Therefore, very intricate encryption and passwords must likewise be extrapolated and back-ups created, but in no instance on one or the pc with Internet access. The encryption could be written on paper, or how to securely keep the backup on an external storage. These media are subsequently best set in a bank safe or at least a contemporary, fire- and – gas-proof vault. There are various applications of famous providers, can be obtained via the great Bitcoin Wallet software for storage. Then nobody becomes unauthorized to get their own Bitcoin luck.