The World Is Our Laboratory

The World Is Our Laboratory

“Digital value embodies the promise of a powerful, exciting, world-changing force. This new take on value is comprised of platforms and frameworks that drive Fresh Thinking, Brand Innovation and Previously Unexplored Value.”

We work with some of the brightest digital currency minds on earth. Our cohort of marketing gurus, legal experts, compliance specialists, PhDs, economists, educators and code warriors all converge on projects to ensure state-of-the-craft turnkey results.

Our professional network covers the US, Latin America, Europe & Africa, giving us a global view of digital currency development which informs our collective thinking. Sustainability is key to the new engagement – global thinking shows the way.


The rapidly evolving private digital economy climate demands clear thinking and solutions that can be applied to shifting brand environments. MintCombine is a trusted advisor, developer and partner, providing solutions that foster a smarter, safer approach to digital asset development based on knowledge, experience and a culture of innovation.

Through our access to accurate, up-to-date information, we also provide comprehensive branded ecosystem assessments, intelligence analysis and risk evaluation in support of our customers’ private asset missions.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and tools needed to make dynamic and strategic recommendations on a number of issues such as adoption, sustainability, security, and mission support.


Branding & Marketing

Rik founded the first US company for large-screen public HDTV advertising and consulted on many of the LED screens still seen in Times Square. From content monetization through the convergence of digital signage, mobile, e-commerce and social media, he has amplified brand engagement for global majors including include Lucent, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Sony, Met Life, Dictaphone and MGM Resorts.



Rena is a Columbia University-trained lawyer, admitted to both the New York and California Bar. She has represented some of the largest technology companies in the world including Epson and Titan Mobile. Rena has also worked with Bitcoin advocate Tim Draper and held GC posts in the Telecom sector in both the US and Africa. She has represented scores of tech startups in various capacities.



Pelle is a globally respected cryptocurrency technologist and developer with an impressive body of work in Bitcoin, Payments and Financial Services, Encryption, Digital Signatures and RESTful web services for clients that include Deutsche Bank and DEC. He was also the founder of Kimochi a startup that pioneered financial services for the unbanked in Kenya.